Raw, spiralised and ludicrously healthy: courgetti with pesto and avocado chocolate mousse

Raw, spiralised and ludicrously healthy: courgetti with pesto and avocado chocolate mousse

Spiralising seemed a bit silly at first, I thought. But, as of last night, I’m a convert. 

I’d read lots about it on uber-healthy blogs such as Honestly Healthy and Hemsley + Hemsley, but it was only when friends who aren’t that into food starting doing it that I really paid attention. Even my mum was on the case. I couldn’t have these amateurs beat me at my own game – it was time to give it a spin. Or a spiral, in this case.

It’s so much easier than I thought it would be. You can turn an otherwise humdrum vegetable, such as a courgette, into something quite impressive, creating a healthy substitute to stodgy pasta and noodles in the process. And, you get quite a filling portion from just one courgette. Win.

So I tried the courgetti with basil pesto recipe from Hemsley + Hemsley (obvs) and topped it with a nice bit of pan-fried Torbay Sole from M&S. 

You need something with the courgetti dish as it’s pretty rich and a bit much on its own. So the addition of a delicately flavoured fillet of sole worked pretty well.

Keen to try yet another stupidly healthy fad, I made an avocado chocolate mousse for dessert. There were a few recipes to choose from but I thought this one from Eve Kalinik on The Telegraph seemed the best (read easiest) so I went for that. 

Having never tried avocado chocolate mousse before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, bar something that tasted like a chocolate mousse. 

The first mouthful tasted more like… Actually it’s too difficult to describe right now. But I wouldn’t say it tasted like chocolate mousse. Densely chocolatey, yes. Light, fluffy and creamy, no. So I put it back in the fridge and decided to tackle it some other time.

I’m pleased to report that it tasted much more palatable today. Better with each mouthful in fact. I appreciate that’s not a great pitch for this recipe, but it was really quite nice once I got my head around it. And a great way to get a chocolate hit without scoffing a load of sugar and dairy.

It’s worth noting that if you try the above recipe, you might want to add a bit of honey to it in the blender or it’s mouth-puckeringly bitter.

Who else out there’s been doing a smug bit of spiralising? Or do you know of a better recipe for avocado chocolate mousse? Please do share in the comments as I really would like to be able to quash my penchant for regular desserts with this uber healthy version …


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