Pret’s new Super Bowl salads – new lunchtime favourite

Pret’s new Super Bowl salads – new lunchtime favourite

A quick shout-out for Pret’s new Super Bowl salads – finally a bit more choice at lunchtime for those avoiding meat while still taking a keen interest in flavour, filling-ness (new word) and ingredients other than leaves.

I’ve only tried the salmon/quinoa/edamame/baby kale one and the crayfish/mango/cashew one as I generally don’t eat meat unless it’s organic/free-range. 

But they’re a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale lunchtime salad market. 

The salmon one is way more filling and tasty than it looks. The quinoa is really good quality, with a nice bit of bite to it, not like the stodgy stuff you find elsewhere, and the inclusion of fresh mint livens things up on the palate. The leaves are obviously good quality too – not pale and limp like some other places.

With lentils and edamame beans added it feels like a proper meal compared to a wrap, sandwich or the like.  Also keeps you fuller for longer owing to the protein in the quinoa and salmon.

So, thumbs up Pret – can we have some more veggie and pescetarian options now please? Better still, can you introduce organic or free-range meat options too..?  



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