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Fed up of not knowing where you can eat out guilt-free?

Need to find a restaurant that caters as well for your vegetarian friends as it does the meat-eaters?

Keen to minimise your impact on animals and the environment just as much when you eat out as when you eat in?

If so, you’ve found the right website…

greeneats aims to cater for all the above needs and plenty more – from the restaurant, pub and cafe listings in the eating out section to news about new openings, special offers and relevant products.

Keen cooks can find new ideas under the eating in section and buy ingredients in the shop (coming soon), while the rest of you air your thoughts and share ideas on the forum (also coming soon).

If you know of a great place we haven’t yet listed, or want us to review your green eatery, or even want to get involved by writing an article or helping us improve our techical features, get in touch by using one of the contact forms at the top of the site, or click here.

We’re also keen to get readers involved in our campaigns, so check out our current one and let us know what you think.

Whatever you use the site for, we hope you enjoy and find it useful.

If not, tell us why and we’ll try to improve on it.


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