Big up: Mother Earth, Stoke Newington

Big up: Mother Earth, Stoke Newington

I’ve been frequenting Mother Earth on a regular basis since moving to Stoke Newington and thought it worthy of a brief shout out.

It’s a great little shop for anyone who’s into organic/healthy/whole foods/etc. The clue’s in the name I guess.

They sell everything from raw almonds, fancy artisan bread, fruit and veg, and coconut water to environmentally-friendly toiletries and cleaning products. They also have a counter selling chilled items like salads, sandwiches, falafel, cakes (healthy-ish versions) and so on.

Oh, and they do a range of intriguing-looking powders and ground edible things I’ve yet to try (or fathom, although I think one was maca powder) that they sell by weight, removing the need for unnecessary packaging. Extra brownie points.

They have a few outlets dotted around North London from what I’ve seen, including a big one on St Paul’s Road near Highbury and Islington tube which I’ve yet to visit. The others are at Newington Green, and on Albion Parade (which they fondly call ‘the Mother Ship’).

Anyway, I said it’d be brief, so that’s that.

Summary: a great independent alternative to the big boys like WholeFoods and Planet Organic. If you live in North London. Bit of a trek otherwise.

Take a look at their website for further info on what they do/sell/serve: Mother Earth website

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