Organic Greek yoghurt – why do you not exist?

Organic Greek yoghurt – why do you not exist?

This is something that’s been puzzling me for some time now. Why on earth does no company other than FAGE (which is apparently pronounced fa-yeh) produce actual greek yoghurt..?

Total Greek yoghurt

Just you then eh, Total?

The only thing other brands can seem to muster is ‘greek style yoghurt’ which pales in comparison nutritionally, or so I’m told. And the texture is completely different too. From what I’ve seen, the ‘Greek-Style’ offerings are simply thicker, creamier versions of regular natural yoghurt. With cream having been added. Not quite the healthy protein-filled ingredient we’re being encouraged to add to our diets.

Greek Style Yoghurt but no Greek Yoghurt

‘Greek Style’ but no ‘Greek’

And why is there not an organic variety of the proper stuff either? I try to buy organic when it comes to dairy, but none of the trusted brands seem to sell it – Yeo Valley? Nope. Biona? Nah. Rachel’s Organic? Get outta here. And so the list goes.

Okay, so rather than leave it to you lot to come back to me which, let’s face it, could take some time, I’ve conducted a little research of my own.

And waddayaknow – apparently there ARE some out there!

So there’s this company called Stonyfield. Having searched ‘organic greek yoghurt’ I found a page on their site that says: ‘Here it is – authentic, non-fat Greek yoghurt. Plain, simple, thick, rich and delicious’. Sounds bloody promising, I thought.

And the nutritional info seems to stack up quite neatly with that of monopoly big boy Total, with about 80 calories, 15g protein, 6g sugar and 0% fat per 150g. Nice.

They even produce it in different flavours; vanilla, chocolate, caffe latte, fruit on the bottom, etc. And they have a ‘Greek & Chia’ range. Now this is getting really exciting.

So, where do they stock it? Oh. Just in the US. Waaaaaa. The hunt continues.

But then I stumble on an article by The Telegraph. Apparently there was a big legal battle early in 2014 between two big firms, one being Total, the other Chobani. In a nutshell, the Court of Appeal ruled that, if a yoghurt is to be labelled as ‘Greek yogurt’ then it must be made in Greece. If it’s not, it should be called ‘strained yoghurt’. Okay then.

So, the more I research, the more I feel I’ve been looking for the wrong thing the whole time. Well, since that court ruling anyway.

If you, like me, have been having an equally terrible time with all this (I know, #firstworldproblems) share your stories, research, findings and frustrations below.

In the meantime, here’s a lovely little combo I’ve been whipping up with my non-organic but very healthy Total 0% Fat Greek Yoghurt: Quick protein hit: Cacao and tangerine granola, Greek yoghurt and tinned peaches

Yoghurt, peach and granola

1 minute to assemble and really quite addictive

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