Fast Food Nation – Will this finally turn me veggie?

Fast Food Nation – Will this finally turn me veggie?

Having loitered on the cusp of vegetarianism for quite some time (as in the majority of my adult life rather than a few months) I’m about to start reading Fast Food Nation – a book that’s been known to provide the final nudge people have needed to go vegetarian. Along with a few who weren’t even considering it before turning the first page.

So I’m curious to find out what impact it’ll have on me and my eating habits.

For a while now, my ‘middle ground’ has been to buy organic and free range for any ingredients that originate in or from an animal (higher animal welfare).

But a few things have recently caused me to call into question whether I want to eat meat at all, organic or not. Getting lost in a large field of characterful-looking sheep being one, seeing a number of horrific videos published by PETA another.

I’m not ready to commit to a life powered solely by vegetables just yet – I want to be realistic about it and probably wean myself off by going pescetarian first (and maybe squeezing in one more trip to Hawksmoor first).

But I’m definitely feeling it.

Now, let’s see what this book has to say…


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